Sep 10

Sep 5


Hong Kong is a city that is built across a group of islands. A group of islands is called an archipelago. Say it with me. Archipelago. 

I love Hong Kong in a way that could take days for me to fully explain. Here I take the elevator up at night and wake up next to mountains. 

Aug 25


Last time I flew away from home, the flight was long, the air in the cabin was cold and dry, and I had been crying a lot. When I went to the bathroom on the plane that time, I noticed that when I narrowed my eyes into a tired eye-frown, the skin underneath would bunch up around the corner of my eyes in a way that resembled the skin of my lover’s balls.

Since then, I’ve noticed that on most days I can get the skin around my eyes to bunch up in that way if I squint hard enough, but it’s never quite the same.

This time I flew away from home, knowing that I would be back in 120 days. I skipped the crying and just thought about my lover’s balls.

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